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All the interviews collected for the project have now been uplaoded for you to listen to on this page.

platform and train
© IWM (D 2592)

Len Baker

Len Baker | Transcript

John Barrett

John Barrett | Transcript

Tony Buffery

Tony Buffery | Transcript

Kitty Capelli

Kitty Capelli | Transcript

John Elliot

John Elliot | Transcript

Ken Foster

Ken Foster | Transcript

Ernest Godin

Ernest Godin | Transcript

Audrey Jones

Audrey Jones | Transcript

Maureen Larkin

Maureen Larkin | Transcript

Lotte Moore

Lotte Moore | Transcript

Julia Phillpot

Julia Phillpot | Transcript

Peggy Toomey

Peggy Toomey | Transcript

Hetty Bourne

Hetty Bourne | Transcript

Myrtle Barnett

Myrtle Barnett | Transcript

Pam Coles

Pam Coles | Transcript

Ken Day

Ken Day | Transcript

Valerie Foster

Valerie Foster | Transcript

Jean Frame

Jean Frame | Transcript

Marie Kamara

Marie Kamara | Transcript

Betty Leicester

Betty Leicester | Transcript

Brenda Meadows

Brenda Meadows | Transcript

George Pye

George Pye | Transcript

John White

John White | Transcript

Janet Williams

Janet Williams | Transcript

Evacuees in Devon
© IWM (D 2222)